have you seen my lamb hardcover


An Original Christmas Story
by Autumn Driscoll, Brian Driscoll

New!  –  Children’s Christmas Book
Hardcover Edition

A beautiful moon rises into a sky full of stars above Bethlehem. On the edge of the village, a spirited young girl searches for her missing lamb, but the buzz going around tells her that she is not the only one on a quest.

With whimsical lyricism and a knack for storytelling, this father-daughter duo reveals anew the moment that fulfilled ancient scripture – the birth of the Messiah. With Orsolya Orbán’s adorable illustrations, this story-within-a-story highlights how profound moments in our lives are often obscured by day-to-day experiences.

Themes include: The nativity, First Christmas, Savior, Unexpected meaning in our experiences, Angels, Biblical prophecy, Animals

Before this work became a book, it was first a song!
The “Have You Seen My Lamb” singalong song is available and sold separately on iTunes.

WARNING: It’s catchy.

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Available November 2020, at the following locations:

Author Events *
WestBowPress.com *
Local Christian book retailers (Special order if not stocked)
Apple Books App (e-book only)

* When Have You Seen My Lamb is purchased directly from the authors at events, OR on TelltaleArts.com, OR directly from WestBowPress.com, it creates proceeds that enable special things to happen:

1) Development funds for future books and music for children 

2) Author visits for singing to, reading for, and talking with children, including some that could really use an uplift or encouragement

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