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An Original Christmas Story
by Autumn Driscoll, Brian Driscoll

New!  – Children’s Christmas eBook

A beautiful moon rises into a sky full of stars above Bethlehem. On the edge of the village, a spirited young girl searches for her missing lamb, but the buzz going around tells her that she is not the only one on a quest.

With whimsical lyricism and a knack for storytelling, this father-daughter duo reveals anew the moment that fulfilled ancient scripture – the birth of the Messiah. With Orsolya Orbán’s adorable illustrations, this story-within-a-story highlights how profound moments in our lives are often obscured by day-to-day experiences.

Themes include: The nativity, First Christmas, Savior, Unexpected meaning in our experiences, Angels, Biblical prophecy, Animals

Before this work became a book, it was first a song!
The “Have You Seen My Lamb” singalong song is available and sold separately on iTunes.

WARNING: It’s catchy.

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