Songwriter, Composer, Producer, Author

Brian Driscoll co-authored Have You Seen My Lamb, a children’s Christmas book, and original Christmas story (released: Summer, 2020). He also composed and co-wrote the Have You Seen My Lamb singalong and partnered with Nashville producer Britton Cameron for production and mastering. The Have You Seen My Lamb singalong track is available on iTunes as of Summer, 2020.

To create a home for individual and collaborative art genres to reside, Brian co-developed and launched with his daughter, Autumn Driscoll in the summer of 2020. Find out more about here:

Brian spent decades in network security, data center management, and design. As a life-balance to engineering and technology, he explored tech-compatible hobbies such as studio recording/editing, music production, musicianship, songwriting, and composing. Along the way, he has co-written and partnered with amateur and professional artists from the Midwest US to Nashville. He provides LIVE performance and studio support for artists and ensembles in his spare time as both a technician and producer.

Brian raised his three children in the upper Midwest of the U.S. with his lovely wife of 21 years. He plans to continue working in cyber and technology, balanced with creative endeavors for as long as he is able.

Brian and his wife, Holly spending time together in Nashville
Brian, having just returned from deep beneath the Earth’s surface
Exploring Chicago with Autumn
Writing session with Nashville recording artist, songwriter and producer, Margaret Becker